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You have chanced upon a semi-personal tumblog of a 3rd year Chemistry undergrad. Unfortunately, in the unlikely chance that you love chemistry as much as I do, you won't find very much of it here at all.

This is the drain where my imaginary free time is wasted. I repost things that are (according to me & in order of importance) :
1. Pretty
2. Interesting
3. Adorable.
You'll see
Excessive amounts of Lolita fashion (or such things/aesthetics related to it, mostly Mori Girl, then Dolly Kei & Otome Kei)
Some [yummy] food.
Equal amounts of adorable baby animals.
Abundant flowers & landscapes
A smattering of Scientific articles
A rare bit of macabre
And finally random Stuff to cohesively fill in the gaps. Like glue (or extracellular matrix, ha!).

This is all just an archive of pretty things I want to keep in a cohesive place without overloading my bookmarks/files.

Oh, and FYI nearly everything is on queue.
When the queue runs out, I have either died within a month ago, or went on a long internet-less vacation, the former being more likely.
    Floral Jellyfish

My Halloween Magical Girl Transformation i think (^o^ )

My coordination for the London Tea Party ! I’m in full Alice and the Pirates. 
Photos from my dear Sirius C


Food colouring in corn syrup. Watch as they rotate it 5 times one way and then 5 times back.
Your mind is now blown.
This is an example of the strange things that happen in fluids with low Reynold’s number. Reynold’s number is a ratio of the inertial forces and the viscous forces in the fluid. When the viscosity is high and the inertial forces are low fluids behave very differently to the way we are used to. Remember that next time you are trying to swim in honey.

I giffed the original video for your viewing ease. Enjoy.

~Veronica Elisse~
Jsk - Baby, the stars shine bright
Blouse - Victorian Maiden
Hat - Corgi-corgi

my fav pic from ax ‘13

Blue Jay