Floral Jellyfish

You have chanced upon a semi-personal tumblog of a 3rd year Chemistry undergrad. Unfortunately, in the unlikely chance that you love chemistry as much as I do, you won't find very much of it here at all.

This is the drain where my imaginary free time is wasted. I repost things that are (according to me & in order of importance) :
1. Pretty
2. Interesting
3. Adorable.
You'll see
Excessive amounts of Lolita fashion (or such things/aesthetics related to it, mostly Mori Girl, then Dolly Kei & Otome Kei)
Some [yummy] food.
Equal amounts of adorable baby animals.
Abundant flowers & landscapes
A smattering of Scientific articles
A rare bit of macabre
And finally random Stuff to cohesively fill in the gaps. Like glue (or extracellular matrix, ha!).

This is all just an archive of pretty things I want to keep in a cohesive place without overloading my bookmarks/files.

Oh, and FYI nearly everything is on queue.
When the queue runs out, I have either died within a month ago, or went on a long internet-less vacation, the former being more likely.
    Floral Jellyfish


I don’t know why but this looks to me like I’m on an operation table receiving surgery from cats

Nevermind this is it



When radiologists take a selfie


Wait I’ve seen this

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Rise by matialonsor


Me and my sis for Kawaii International’s event in Stockholm! More about it on my blog.

what cuties!! I love that ankle socks are becoming popular in Lolita <3 

Together, they must find a way out.